SEX = Synchronized Energy eXchange!

Many couples find that their lovemaking, perhaps hot and passionate at one time, has now become unbearably infrequent – for known or unknown reasons – or has entered the all too common 3-2-1 phase: 3 minutes of foreplay, 2 minutes of intercourse and 1 orgasm, usually his!

Your experience may differ – same pattern, more (or less) time, or maybe both of you do reach climax but are still missing that hoped-for feeling of “intimacy,” that deep soul connection that you want to share with your partner.

Congratulations! If you are reading this, you are among the forefront of couples who realize that your relationship has the potential to be a fabulous vehicle for joyous love!

And you want to turn that possibility into a real experience, one that you can create at will, and enjoy on a regular basis.

In the past, we didn’t demand so much from our relationships. Marriage was mainly expected to provide comfort and safety, financially and socially, for us and our children. Now we want more. We want happiness. The dictionary definition of happiness says that it is characterized by good luck; fortunate. As if it didn’t depend on us, as if happiness is kind of like the lottery, something you hope to win.

Ancient spiritual teachings present a different notion of happiness, one that is especially accessible to would-be lovers.

The path of Tantra suggests that we are happiest, filled with an abiding sense of bliss, when we are in touch with our inner vitality, the subtle energy of our life force.

Most importantly, for those of us committed to the journey of relationship, when we align this inner energy with our partner’s, when we consciously join in a Synchronized Energy eXchange, we are rewarded with a heightened union of intimacy, a deep happiness in the sexual core of our being.

So what is Synchronized Energy eXchange? It is an easy process of centering ourselves, and allowing our partner, our beloved, to be there with us. It is an approach to lovemaking that turns us away from the endless pursuit of climax and instead turns us toward the transcendent love within our hearts.

Today’s scientific findings gives support to the ancient teachings. Intimacy is good for us, it floods our bodies with neurochemicals that strengthen our health and well-being.

When you attend an Intimacy Retreat, you learn to develop Synchronized Energy eXchange through Tantra Tai Chi and other practices specifically designed to create emotional closeness and sexual fulfillment. You learn about Peaceful Passion. You can also read about all of this in the book, Tantric Sex for Busy Couples. Our audio-CD, “Lessons in Intimacy…The Lover’s Touch” provides you with an at-home guided experience of tantric loving.

Take your relationship to a new level by approaching SEX as a Synchronized Energy eXchange!

©Diana Daffner

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Diana Daffner

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