Tantra Tai Chi™

Tantra is a spiritual path from India that uses sexual energy as a driving force for awakening into higher consciousness. Tai Chi, a form of Qi Gong “moving meditation” from China, uses flowing movement and internal focus to increase and balance the flow of energy through meridian pathways in our bodies.

Tantra Tai Chi™ is a “relationship exercise” that blends the Tai Chi movement and internal focus with tantric sexual energy, creating a strong intimate and emotional connection with one’s beloved partner.

Tantra Tai Chi is taught at all Intimacy Retreats!

The purpose of the program is to bring your mind’s attention to your body’s presence. When you become mentally and physically centered in your body, you become more open to your naturally joyous state of being. You enter into the “here and now”, where only Love is present. Past and future disappear, only the eternal moment exists.

When you move into this sacred moment in the presence of your beloved partner, you share together the Love that lives within each of you.

Throughout all of the Tantra Tai Chi movements there is an emphasis on sexual energy. You tighten the sexual muscles (called “pubococcygeal”, or PC) in order to bring your attention to this vital area of your body. Both Tantra and Tai Chi recognize the sex center as a powerful energy vortex. Called the first “chakra” in Tantra, and the Hui Yin point in Taoist Tai Chi, the sex center is the starting place, the gateway to powerful currents of life-force (energy) that can be experienced throughout your body.

The Heart Center, located in the center of your chest, inside your rib cage at breast level, is where you experience personal emotion as well as devotional spiritual love. Tantra Tai Chi teaches you to connect the Sex Center and the Heart Center. When this link becomes activated, energy flows freely between the two centers. Love and sexuality become joined, giving birth to a high state of intimacy that nourishes and fulfills your soul.

The movement of energy between the sex and heart centers is the basic premise of Tantra Tai Chi. As the movements begin to blend the sex and spiritual energies, love becomes a tangible feeling within you. A spiritual opening takes place in the center of your head. In Tantra Tai Chi, this center is called “Bindi”. The movements that help you focus your attention in these three centers are called Sex, Heart and Bindi.

The intention of the Tantra Tai Chi movements is to encourage you to explore sacred intimacy. Sacred intimacy is that experience you have when you have dropped all your masks and stand revealed as your authentic self. Underneath all your pretensions and projections, you are a beautiful divine being, perfect and whole. Through Tantra Tai Chi, you can let go into truly being who you are and share your perfect presence with your beloved. This is the greatest gift you can give one another.

How does all of this relate to love making?

Tantra Tai Chi brings your mental attention inside your body. Taking this skill into the bedroom will change forever how you make love. By focusing on the Sex, Heart and Bindi centers during lovemaking, you transform the paradigm of sexual activity from a direct linear release of tension (climax) to a slower journey of blissful orgasmic expansion as you and your beloved dance and swirl between each of the centers.

Passion requires an on-going tension of separation and coming together. Tantra Tai Chi provides you with positions of separation (“Solo Stillness”) and togetherness (the “Connected Pose”). Pausing during lovemaking to consciously go within one’s self (Solo Stillness), and then returning to eyes-open connection (Connected Pose), can raise sexual activity to levels of intimacy that take you beyond yourselves into spiritual realms of unconditional ecstasy.

Tantra Tai Chi helps you experience the richness and rapture that your relationship can provide. And please know that when you and your beloved enter together into sacred intimacy, you contribute to global transformation by making the reality of Love more available for everyone, everywhere!

The Tantra Tai Chi program is for couples seeking to deepen their intimacy and emotional closeness. Tantra Tai Chi(TM) is a short series of qigong-style movements that emphasize sexual energy and spiritual awakening within the context of a loving relationship. The exercises are designed as a practice for sacred sex and can easily be performed and enjoyed by couples of all ages. Featured in the book Tantric Sex for Busy Couples: How to Deepen Your Passion in Just Ten Minutes a Day.

Those who have attended workshops with us say that Tantra Tai Chi brings a ceremonial aspect to intimacy and can enhance your lovemaking. By practicing the easy movements, you experience an increased energy connection with your beloved.

In and out of the bedroom, we all have within us a yearning for this connection, this sense of sacred intimacy. Tantra Tai Chi helps fulfill that yearning.

Learning to consciously focus energy in your sex center and your heart, and to be open to spiritual expansion, will transform your lovemaking and your life.

Even practiced alone, the movements are energizing and create a joyous feeling within you.

Bring the teaching to you with the Intimacy Retreat Video Program!

Diana Daffner

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