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Intimacy Retreat Video


Ready to take your relationship to the next level? To connect – or reconnect – deeply with your Beloved?

Looking for a unique and meaningful way to celebrate and enhance your relationship?

The Intimacy Retreat Video Program is an ENTIRE WEEKEND WORKSHOP delivered to you on video! It is designed to be experienced over the course of a single weekend, or whenever your schedule permits. You can take it with you on vacation.

The program consists of FIVE SESSIONS, each 1.5 to 2 hours long – almost 10 hours of video!

This is a participatory experience – you will not just be “watching” a video! Also, at the end of each Session, you’ll receive instruction for “HomePlay” practices, a favorite part of all Intimacy Retreats! (Note: There is no nudity on videos.)

The complete Intimacy Retreat Video Workshop can be streamed, downloaded or received on a USB Flash Drive, all at incredibly low prices.

♥ Receiving the program on a flash (thumb) drive provides you with a tangible birthday or anniversary gift! Also,  if you want to experience the videos at a vacation location, you won’t be dependent on good internet reception.  Current Sale: $195.

♥ You can choose to download the program directly (44 GB) to your own device: $165 (USE BUTTON BELOW THAT SAYS “VIEW PRODUCT”)

♥ “Streaming” gives you online-only, non-transferable access via internet to the program.  Only $145!

To Purchase Video files to download to your device, use THIS link: 

Otherwise, select an option below.

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Intimacy Retreat Video

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