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Regular $295 .. ON SALE for ONLY $195.  Additional gifts for friends at reduced prices.

Ready to take your relationship to the next level? To connect – or reconnect – deeply with your Beloved?

The Intimacy Retreat Video Program is an ENTIRE WEEKEND WORKSHOP delivered to you on video! It is designed to be experienced over the course of a single weekend, or whenever your schedule permits. You can take it with you on vacation.

The program consists of FIVE SESSIONS, each 1.5 to 2 hours long. Each session is made up of several separate videos. At the end of each session, you’ll receive instruction for “HomePlay” practices, a favorite part of all Intimacy Retreats!

GIVE this Retreat as a GIFT! Get the program for yourself, and gift your friends at reduced pricing.

The Video Workshop can be streamed, downloaded or received on a USB Flash Drive.

For details and pricing regarding streaming or downloading (42GB), please contact us.

To purchase on USB Flash Drive pricing is as follows:

1 USB Flash Drive (Complete Intimacy Retreat Video Program)
$295… ON SALE for ONLY $195
2 USB Flash Drives (one for you and one for a GIFT to another couple)…$295
3 USB Flash Drives (one for you and gifts for TWO other couples)…$395
4 USB Flash Drives (one for you and gifts for THREE other couples)…$450

For larger gift quantities, please contact us.


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Intimacy Retreat Video

USB Flash Drive, 2 USB Flash Drives, 3 USB Flash Drives, 4 USB Flash Drives


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