Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends an Intimacy Retreat?

Couples of all ages have attended and enjoyed Intimacy Retreats. In past years, they were led in beautiful vacation locations, or on Zoom.

Currently, the Intimacy Retreat is available as a Video Program.

The program is for YOU if your relationship is relatively good, committed and loving. There may or may not be some sexual concerns or other typical relationship challenges. You may be hoping to deepen your intimate connection, enhance or reignite your love life, or just have a fun time together. One of both of you may be interested in mindfulness training, meditation and/or Tantra.

Private retreats or coaching sessions may be available.

Is there public nudity?

There is no nudity on the videos. Whether or not you choose to participate clothed or unclothed, since you are in your own home, is up to you!

(Occasionally, an Intimacy Retreat has been held at a clothing-optional resort, but nudity was never required and there was never public sexual activity in on-site or Zoom Intimacy Retreats.)

How do we register?

The Intimacy Retreat is now a self-paced video program. No registration is required. You may choose to “stream” the videos (watch on-line) or download them to your computer to watch at any time. The videos can be accessed via a USB Flash Drive connected to any device. To use the Flash Drive with your a phone or device that does not have a USB port, an adapter is required.

What accommodations are available for lodging and how do we make arrangements?

Lodging is no longer an issue, since the Intimacy Retreat is now delivered via video! You can access the program at home or, if possible, from a hotel or lodging away from the distractions of home!

Are any meals included?

Meals are not an issue, since the Intimacy Retreat is now being experienced via video. The program consists of five sessions, each about 1.5 to 2 hours long. You can dine between sessions or even during!

What is the schedule during a retreat?

The Intimacy Retreat Video Program is designed similarly to a weekend retreat. There are five sessions, and between the sessions you will have delightful “HomePlay” assignments! If you choose, you can spread the sessions out over a longer time period.

Can singles or same-sex couples benefit?

+ Singles?
Intimacy Retreats are designed for couples. The Video Program can be watched without a partner, and you can then share what you have learned.

+ Same-Sex Couples?
Although we (Richard & Diana Daffner) designed the workshop based on our own man-woman relationship, same-sex partners have enjoyed and benefited from the experience. Both male and female sexuality are addressed. You can skip any part of the Video Program that is not relevant to your biology.

Do you teach massage?

The Intimacy Retreat and Intimacy Retreat Video includes instruction in sexual massage. (There is no nudity shown.)

In the past, we have also offered training in sensual, full-body massage and may again some day.

Will you offer an Intimacy Retreat in our area?

The Intimacy Retreat is currently available as a Video Program. You can enjoy it where ever you are, and can gift other couples with their own program, at a discount!

Will Intimacy Retreats be offered again on Zoom or at a romantic location?

To be notified if/when that happens, sign up for our e-newsletter and “like” Intimacy Retreats on Facebook!  Also, there may be live/Zoom events offered to couples who have taken themselves through the Video Program.

What if we have a question that hasn't been answered?

Call or text Diana and Richard Daffner in Florida at 941 349-6804 (Florida), 9am-9pm EST. Or send an email.

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