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HeartSpeak Conversation Cards

HeartSpeak Conversation Cards

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HeartSpeak Conversation Cards

Questions to Ask One Another

Curiosity is sexy! When you were first getting to know each other, you were curious, wanting to learn about each other.

As the years go by, that curiosity gives way to the illusion that we already know everything there is to know.

Discovering how our Beloved partner thinks about things NOW can show us a whole new side of them! Or, perhaps, simply confirm what you already knew.

The 30 questions in this set of HeartSpeak Cards vary – some may seem mundane, while others are specifically sexual, or more profound, about life itself. Each can generate a conversation worth having.

NOTE: Stuck at home? Price lowered to ONLY 9.95 during this time…. Also makes a great gift for other couples who are currently spending more time together!




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Dimensions 35 × 12 × 21 in


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