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Listening In

The greatest gift that you can give to one another is your presence, the fullness of your being in a way that resonates pure love and acceptance. “Listening In” is an opportunity to be present, to witness your Beloved as they speak aloud what is in their heart. This practice can transform how you hear yourself speak, and how you listen....

Conversations With Your Spouse!

There’s a popular cliché about being able to recognize married couples at a restaurant – they’re the ones not talking to each other! Two people sitting quietly, each preoccupied with their own thoughts. Well, you might say, of course spouses speak, and they do so frequently. How else could we handle the myriad tasks of living together? Yet many of us yearn for something more intimate than the logistical dialogs required to organize family outings, deal with illnesses, take the car to the repair shop or pick up a child after school....