Siesta Key Intimacy Retreats

Coaching in Tantra and the Art of Intimate Relationship

Attend an Intimacy Retreat and nourish your most important relationship with love, connection and delight.

Virtual Intimacy Retreats

Experience live retreats via Zoom!

It's time to reach new heights of ecstasy and renew your love.



+ deepen their sexual and emotional connection
+ take their relationship to the next level
+ improve romance, intimacy, trust & communication
+ learn about Tantra and tantric sex.

Although we do not provide “therapy” at the workshop, couples who have been struggling with intimacy and/or sexual issues in their relationship have often found extraordinary healing through the practices at the Intimacy Retreat.


+ create quality time with your beloved
+ communicate more effectively – both in & out of the bedroom
+ deepen passion & enhance lovemaking skills
+ develop trust
+ give and receive unconditionally
+ blend sexual & heart energy for maximum orgasmic bliss
+ realize your spiritual oneness
+ have fun!


Energize and synchronize your sexual, heart and spiritual centers. Practices are drawn from the teachings of Tantra, t’ai chi, aikido, massage, Reiki energy healing, meditation and other body/mind arts of touch, movement and communication. Ancient knowledge is blended with modern understandings of relationship psychology to create a powerful learning environment for couples at all stages of life. Playfulness, laughter and vacation fun are also part of the package!

To personalize the principles learned during group sessions, you return to your private accommodations for erotic “homeplay assignments,” always a favorite part of the workshop. (There is no public sexual activity.)

Easy-to-do rituals and ceremonies help you move from your everyday world into a new dimension of shared sacred awareness. Throughout the retreat, you are encouraged to maintain this perspective as you journey together into a deepening of love and intimacy. By learning to be more “present” with each other, you become aware of your own energy and how to direct it. As Dr. Vicotoria Lee writes in Soulful Sex, “each moment in which you are conscious of the sacred sexual energy that runs through your veins becomes one in which you experience the divine.”

Both new and ancient understandings of sexual attitude, anatomy, techniques, positions and orgasm are presented.

When you experience deep intimacy with your beloved partner, your face glows and your heart sings. You feel connected in your soul. Attend an Intimacy Retreat and transform your relationship into the love affair you know it can be.



The Art of Sacred Sexuality

Tantra Tai Chi for Lovers

Easy Movements Create Instant Intimacy!

Loving Touch

Touching Into Wholeness and Joy

Yin-Yang Discoveries

Be Both a Giver and a Receiver

Sacred Ceremonies for Lovers

Inner Journeys to the Heart

Note: There is no nudity or public sexual activity.  Between group sessions you return to your rooms for private “homeplay” practices.

Where is Siesta Key?

On the west coast of Florida, one hour south of Tampa and two hours north of Naples, Siesta Key has been named the #1 USA beach, with beautiful white sand and glorious sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico!

Shop in boutiques and enjoy restaurants in the romantic resort beach setting of Siesta Village. Siesta Key is an eight-mile tropical barrier island off the coast of SARASOTA, FL, on the Gulf of Mexico, graced by one of the world's most beautiful white sand sunset beaches. The sand, a fine white powder that is 99% quartz crystal, always stays cool under your feet even when the sun is at its peak! It is said that Siesta Beach sand has magical healing powers - so be sure to take a barefoot walk! A popular ``laid-back`` vacation destination, there are no golf courses or big hotels on our island.

Siesta Key Workshop Schedule:

Friday: 7:00 pm – 9:45 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 4 pm (with a lunch break)
Saturday: 8:30 pm – 10:45 pm
Sunday: 11 am – 1:45 pm

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The Lover Asked…How would you like me to touch you?
“I would like you to touch me as if your hand were a
feather, lightly caressing the edge of my being.”

–Diana Daffner,  from The Lover’s Touch