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Three More!

(Posted in 2020. Many have asked: WILL WE LEAD INTIMACY RETREATS AGAIN? Our answer: Who knows what the future holds? For now, and perhaps forever, you can experience the Intimacy Retreat via Video, which is the next best thing to being there!)

Three more! At our workshops (and in our book), we’ve explained how we say “three more” as a way to bring Tantra Tai Chi and Peaceful Passion to a close.

“Three more” announces that a change is coming. Rather than stopping abruptly, it provides an opportunity to focus more fully on the final three whatevers that you’re engaged in. Sort of like a one-minute warning in sports or other activities. It invites your attention – no more time for distractions.

Right now, in August 2020, Richard & I are publicly announcing “three more.” We are going to lead only three more Intimacy Retreats (all via Zoom) and then… We are taking a pause from teaching. So… three more!

Our Story
Long ago, in 1990, we dreamed of creating a business in a beautiful location that would keep us in the company of loving couples. We left New York City and traveled to Costa Rica to explore the possibility of creating a couples’ resort. We found suitable beachfront property (and if you know us, you know how we LOVE ocean views!)

But we decided that not speaking Spanish and and not having construction experience would seriously hamper this project.

We instead returned to the U.S. with a commitment to find a different way to help couples celebrate and enhance their relationships. We wished we could “bottle” our happiness so that others could experience the love that we had found for ourselves. At that time, there were few resources for couples.

We created something called “The Couples Project” without knowing what it would look like. (Still have business cards!)

We experimented with some ideas. I (Diana) thought that shared meditation would be great for couples. Richard didn’t like sitting still and had trouble staying awake, so that didn’t seem to be a direction to go in.

When we realized that sexual practices could provide a powerful spiritual experience, Richard’s attention became decidedly more focused!

And I was also delighted. Our intimacy – both in and out of the bedroom – deepened.

Our own relationship continued to consciously grow through skills we learned, through study of Tantra and other trainings. We realized that we had something special that we could share with others in a teaching format.

At first, we accepted only one couple at a time. (We still offer “private retreats.”)

As our Tantra Tai Chi program developed, we found that we could lead a group of couples all at the same time, and the “Intimacy Retreats” took off.

We produced an audio CD (Lessons in Intimacy…The Lover’s Touch) to guide couples through an intimate, Tantric experience.

Our book, Tantric Sex for Busy Couples, was published. We were now able to share our teaching with thousands of couples who might never show up at an Intimacy Retreat.

For the last 23 years, we have led workshops here in Siesta Key, as well as in numerous Florida and other U.S. locations, and in Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico… Beautiful and romantic locations, mostly at beach resorts.

It has been a blessing and blessed career. 
March 2020
When we realized we had to cancel the in-person events due to Covid-19, we quickly switched to the Zoom platform. These live, experiential weekends have been “better than we expected” as one couple recently commented!
Better than WE had expected, too!
We were so pleased with these “Virtual Retreats,” that, at one point we thought that even when we return to in-person (which we expected to do within a couple of months), we might continue to offer these as well.
June 2020
We initially priced the Zoom workshops at only $395/couple, a very low price, for what we had hoped would be a short-lived pandemic period.
As the social-distancing protocols continued with no clear end in sight, we realized we would need to raise our workshop fees. We began readying ourselves to do that.
July 2020
For some time, Richard & I had talked about creating a video of our entire workshop. This would be a program that could be “attended” at any time, without our live presence. And it would be affordable for even more couples.
While we were “sheltering in place,” we took advantage of Zoom and made the necessary recordings. This will be released in the coming months, and we’re thrilled about it. It will be available online, for download or delivery via thumb drive.
August 2020
Starting last year, I (Diana) had tentatively begun to question the possibility of reducing the number of workshops we lead, or even.. possibly.. “retiring.” I can’t tell you why I began to wonder about that. There’s nothing else beckoning me for the future that I can’t embrace right now. I’ve LOVED every Intimacy Retreat and appreciate how they continue to enhance our own relationship. And yet.. something was telling me that it might be time to pause.
Richard assured me we would manage financially if we stopped teaching. He didn’t push me one way or the other, although I knew he’d be happy to continue.
Creating the at home Intimacy Retreat Video, which means couples will still be able to access our training, has given us the push we needed to be okay with laying down the mantle of teaching, at least for now.
We are so grateful to the many couples who have been on this journey with us.
We don’t know when, where, or IF we will return to leading more Intimacy Retreats.
We intend to cherish every moment of these next three workshops, our “three more” that will be held on
September 11-13, October 23-25 and November 20-22, 2020.
After that? Stay tuned!
Richard says..
It’s been a great ride. I look forward to whatever comes next!

Diana Daffner


  • Thomas Tubbs
    August 20, 2020 at 7:01 pm

    Say it ain’t so! Diana, it’s been great to know you and continue to know you! I love our little “back and forths” on FB and we’ve always respected each other and will continue to do so. Your work is unique and needed. I always think back to attending your workshop. It was a great experience and opened my eyes to a lot. You and Richard are great teachers and great inspirations. Kudos to the both of you for all you’ve done for everyone. Just…..three…..more……

  • Zan
    August 21, 2020 at 12:43 pm

    Love you Diana and Richard. Mazel Tov!