Have you had your Tantra today?

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Have you had your Tantra today?

Lovemaking can be fun and adventurous, filled with active exploration of body parts and lively and intense reactions. Excitement and curiosity, tension and release, foreplay, afterplay and endless play.

However, for many of us, lovemaking is fraught with emotional tension, rejection, frustration and fear.

How can this be?

How can an activity seemingly so natural and enjoyable, be so challenging and difficult to embrace?

While sex for the purpose of procreation is indeed natural to our species, and lovemaking in the hormonal rapture of a new romance may be instinctively passionate, we do not seem to have an inborn ability to appreciate ongoing sex with the same partner for years on end as a joyful and irresistible encounter.

Tantra, an ancient pathway to spiritual enlightenment, offers a new paradigm that is part solution to this seeming problem of waning sexual drive and part awesome journey into an unexpected reality.

When two people move together into a sacred loving space, according to Native American teacher, Sun Bear,

‘Everything outside of that space fades in importance,
time takes on a different dimension,
Emotions flow more freely,
The bodies of participants become filled with the energy of life,
And this energy reaches out and blesses the creation around them.
All is made new
Everything becomes sacred.’

Couples who do Tantra gift themselves daily with a ceremonial taste of the divine.

Their lovemaking is transformed from an “under the sheets” effort driven by sexual urgency to a soul-satisfying, meditative and purposeful pilgrimage to the temple within.

Gazing into one another’s eyes, they awaken the highest aspect of themselves and truly know one another to be filled with spirit.

Although this level of intimacy may not come naturally, the pathway can be easily learned. Ad the experience itself is immediately recognizable as an empowering, healthy and blissful coming home.

Have you had your Tantra today?

Attend an Intimacy Retreat and learn how!

Diana Daffner

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