The Space Around Us

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The Space Around Us

A lay person asked a monk, “You meditate. I don’t. How does that make you different from me?”

The monk answered: “You think that your skin separates you from other people. I know that my skin is what connects me to everything in the universe.

We don’t stop at our skin.

There’s a space around us that is, well, still “us”. We all know that, intuitively. When someone comes too close to us, steps too close into “our face,” we often recoil, back off.

What is this space that surrounds us?

Some call it the aura, an invisible luminous energy body that begins within us and radiates outward. Powerful, charismatic people are thought to have strong auras. Health, both mental and physical, is often associated with having a strong aura.

In Chinese medicine, there is a concept called Wei Qi.

Qi (also Chi, Ki) means “energy.” Wei Qi, “protective energy,” is like a shield around us that is said to be our first line of immunity against pathogens entering our system.

When a couple joins together in sacred union, using Tantra-style practices, a shared energy field grows and glows around them.

Richard & I use the term “sphere” for this grounded, spiritual spaciousness beyond our bodies. When we “sphere” each other, each settling into our own expanded Presence, including the other, we feel strong, healthy and supported by the universe. We experience the delightful mix of joy and gratitude.

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Diana Daffner

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