Meditation: “I Am Here”

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Meditation: “I Am Here”

Meditation is a process of attuning yourself to the rhythm of silence that flows within you. There are many approaches to meditation, various ways of learning to focus your attention so that you can sense the vibrant stillness.
When you meditate together with your beloved, you enter into your own internal flow as well as sharing a loving state of awareness. You become truly present to one another. This is both meditation and ceremony.

Here are the steps for an intimate experience of spirit. Both of you can read the instructions before beginning (or one explain to the other.)

Repeating these steps only once or twice daily can change forever the way you relate to each other. Sharing spiritual intimacy transforms your relationship into a love affair!

Also try doing this meditation in the nude: before, during and/or after physical lovemaking!

1 Choose a location that is quiet and private. You can create a supportive environment by using dimmers or candles. Keep it light enough to to see each other’s eyes. Burn some incense. Play relaxing music very quietly in the background. Or be outside in nature.

2 You can sit on the floor, meditation style, or use two chairs facing each other. (Or you can be joined sexually.) Place a pillow across your laps so that you can comfortably reach each others’ hands. The goal is to be have your backs comfortably upright, with your faces and hearts pointed toward each other. You want to be able to sense a connection between the base of your spine, through your heart, to the top of your head. And from your heart to your Beloved’s heart.

3 On the pillow, place your left hands palm up, and your right hands palm down onto your Beloved’s right hand. Let your hands be relaxed and softly connected. (Or you can be joined sexually.)

4 Close your eyes and count slowly (silently) from one to nine. While you are counting, notice your body relaxing. Feel how the chair or floor supports your body. Notice when your breathing changes, without trying to control it.

5 After reaching the count of nine, allow your eyes to slowly open. Whether or not your Beloved’s eyes are also open, gaze upon your beloved, making eye contact when their eyes also open.

6 Once both of you establish eye contact, remain in that joyous connection for a few moments or as long as feels comfortable. Allow your beloved to see into your soul through your eyes, while you continue to breathe and feel the support of the floor and/or your chair. Let your attention move between the different sensations in your body.

7 When you (or your beloved) are ready to close your eyes again, you (or your beloved) will say out loud to the other, “I AM HERE.” Wait a moment for the words to settle into the atmosphere. When we speak from a meditative space, the words resound in our hearts. Listen and feel the effect of these words. Then, the other responds, “I AM HERE”.

8 After a moment, both of you will close your eyes again for nine counts. Repeat steps 4 – 7 at least one more time, and as often as you like.

9 When you are ready to end the meditation, each of you places your own hands palms together (prayer position) and holds them in front of your own heart center (center of your chest area). Continuing eye contact, you bow slightly to each other! Bowing this way honors the godself in one another, the heart of who we are. It is an acknowledgment of our inner glory and shared joy.

NOTE: Allow yourselves to experiment and expand upon this meditation. For example, you may find yourself saying different words. “I am here” is very powerful; so is “I love you”, “I will always be here” or “I am with you in spirit.”

You may find yourself doing it while standing and holding hands in the kitchen! This is wonderful to do if one person lies down while the other sits beside them. The sitting person places their hands on the reclining person’s heart and sex. Then trade places!

Diana Daffner

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