Meditation: Heart Connection

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Meditation: Heart Connection

Meditation is a process of attuning yourself to the rhythm of silence that flows within you. There are many approaches to meditation, various ways of learning to focus your attention so that you can sense the vibrant stillness.
When you meditate together with your beloved, you enter into your own internal flow as well as sharing a loving state of awareness. You become truly present to one another. This is both meditation and ceremony.

This is a very quick way to establish Heart harmony with your Beloved.

Sit or stand facing one another, about two feet apart, and close your eyes, for about two long breaths, in and out.

Open your eyes, and gaze silently into the eyes of your Beloved. (If you open your eyes first, wait for them to open their eyes, while you gaze upon them with love.)

Continue to gaze silently into one another’s eyes for several long breaths, in and out.

Then close your eyes again. (If your Beloved closes their eyes first, then you close yours.)

With your eyes closed, imagine that your Beloved is still gazing at you. Let your Beloved see into your Heart center, located in the middle of your chest, the place protected by your rib cage. Allow your own breath to fill your Heart.

When you open your eyes again, and you see into your Beloved’s eyes, imagine that not only your eyes are connected, but also your Hearts.

Continue to gaze into one another’s eyes for several long breaths, in and out.

Repeat. Each time you close your eyes, imagine that you are inviting your Beloved to see into your body. Move your inner attention downward to your belly, then your sex, your thighs, all the way down to the soles of your feet.

Each time you open your eyes, maintain eye contact with your Beloved, and breathe. Notice how the Heart connection between you continues to grow stronger and glow brighter!

Try doing this Heart Connection in the middle of love-making! Even if only one of you does it, both will experience a deeper and more intimate connection.

Diana Daffner

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