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TANTRA is a body-centered path of deep intimacy, sexual joy and transpersonal fulfillment. It requires TRAINING and practice. Although you are naturally endowed with the potential for joy and intimacy, it is through TRAINING that you learn to experience these qualities and integrate them into your daily life.

Fortunately, the training itself is rewarding and fun!

Learning to be intimate means paying ATTENTION to the energy that moves through your body.

Energy follows ATTENTION. You can develop the ability to direct this energy, to maximize your aliveness and sexual presence. Relationship requires ATTENTION. Like a garden, your relationship needs tender loving care to grow and flourish. If your beloved partner were ill or injured, you would certainly and whole-heartedly pay ATTENTION. If you freely attend to one another now, without waiting for an illness or injury, if you take the time to love and be loved, not only your relationship but also your immune systems, and your health, are strengthened and enhanced.

Don’t wait until you or your beloved partner is sick to give or get ATTENTION!!

They don’t teach how to be loving and intimate in school. As you grow up, you learn about sex, but your education is usually incomplete. You need more KNOWLEDGE about how your body works, about how your body responds, more knowledge about your partner’s body. Academic sex experts sometimes still debate about whether or not all women have G-Spots! (Yes, they do, and it is now called the “female prostate.”)

You need KNOWLEDGE about one another and what your desires are. Without communication, you cannot really KNOW what your beloved partner is thinking or feeling unless you are a mind-reader.

An atmosphere of TRUST is essential for learning and growth to take place. You need to TRUST yourself, your willingness to be open and vulnerable. You and your partner need to TRUST each other, as you explore together this powerful path of intimacy and love. When there is TRUST, you can have an I-to-I relationship with each other, you can feel safe to reveal yourself spiritually, emotionally and physically. You can open your heart to one another.

RITUALS are both serious and fun. They help you shift your consciousness into the here and now, the perfect and only moment in which intimacy takes place. You are already familiar with RITUALS like candlelit dinners on special occasions. A Tantra “puja” is a ceremonial, intentional RITUAL of appreciation and presencing. There are RITUALs to honor and explore different phases of love and sexual desire. The simple RITUAL of meeting your lover’s eyes during lovemaking can vault your relationship into Nirvana!!

Tantra is about AWAKENING. AWAKENING to the joy, beauty, happiness, bliss and ecstasy that lie within you. AWAKENING through Training, Attention, kNowledge, Trust and Ritual. When you AWAKEN, you become more sensually responsive to your self, your partner and to All-of-Life itself. When you AWAKEN together, your love nourishes the world.

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All Writing (c) D Daffner

Diana Daffner

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