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Finding Your Heart

If you would like to contact that place inside you where Love is alive, if you would like to experience the joy of that aliveness as your own personal gift to and from the Universe, please call for an appointment for yourself or with your partner.

It’s never too late to find happiness!

My coaching approach draws on ancient mind/body energy traditions and modern techniques of focusing* and inner awareness. A member of AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists), I hold a Masters Degree in Counseling, a black belt in Aikido and certifications as a T’ai Chi Chih instructor and a Reiki Teacher. I have studied and taught meditative principles and sexuality practices for over 30 years. Seeking an alternative to traditonal couples counseling or marriage therapy? My approach can successfully help transform your marriage into a positive force in your life.

If you would like guidance into your own heart, or to meet the heart of a partner, please call me.
941 349-6804 (Florida)

Individual and Couples‘ Coaching