Level 2

Intimacy Retreats / Level 2

Intimacy Retreats for Prior Participants

Review and renew your earlier experience
with another Intimacy Retreat!
Learn new practices to deepen your intimate connection.

“At this second retreat, we had a huge “break-through” and reached even new levels of energy during the “homeplay.”  Highly recommended.” M & R

Level 2 Seminar (Zoom)
Saturday, December 5
1:30 pm – 9:30 pm (Eastern Time)
Presented in two sessions (1:00pm-3:30pm ET and 7:30-9:30pm ET) with “homeplay” assigned between them, this one-day Level 2 Intimacy Retreat Seminar will give you a rewarding “nudge” to keep the love alive in your relationship!  Only $195/couple. To register, click here.

Let us know if you’d like to attend but cannot on that date. Future dates may be offered.


Although not a “Level 2” weekend, past participants are welcome to attend the final November 20-22 Intimacy Retreat Weekend on Zoom. As one couple wrote, “Though we attended the face-to-face version of the retreat with you guys two years ago in Florida, it was REALLY GREAT to review the information and be reminded of its importance and benefit to our relationship.”

There are NO more Weekends or Weeklong Retreats scheduled.

Past Comments from Level 2 participants:

“We’re delighted we attended a Level 2 retreat. As in the first, lots of good approaches to bring us together and remind us that our sexuality can still be new and alive after 18 years together.” ~Paul Loeb, author of Soul of a Citizen

“Like a booster shot for our relationship.. Reminded us to keep US on the front burner!”” “This second time around really helped solidify what we learned the first time.” “Enjoyed it even more than the first time!” “Got to really experience and appreciate more about “energy”… Found the additional communication practices to be very valuable…” ~ Comments from a Level 2 Weekend

“Coming back for a refresher was REALLY POWERFUL!”  ~Rick & Teresa DiBiasio

“We have just returned home – renewed, rejuvenated and restored from our Level 2 Intimacy Retreat. You have given us invaluable tools to continue living our loving lives together. The first Intimacy Retreat we attended was magical. We thought that might have been a unique and isolated experience. Now we know it was no accident. You are both gifted, giving, capable facilitators in the art of intimacy and love. We look forward to taking Level 3!”  ~ Maram Schuster, LCSW & Larry Schuster, CPA

“I was deeply moved once again by the tender, delightful weekend. The experience gave us the ‘excuse’ to touch each other on profound emotional, spiritual and physical levels. Thank you for continuing to inspire couples with your meaningful work.”
Holly Schwartztol, PhD
(author of Sherry and the Unseen World)

“Richard and Diana do a wonderful job of experientially creating a sacred space in relationships. The advanced groups are a great re-creation of that space, a way to unify the teachings from the first group. To anyone wondering whether to take Level 2, I would say Yes, Yes, Yes!”
Frank Schultz, PhD (author of A Language of the Heart)